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Using Vocabulary biosphere p. 684 carrying capacity p. 691 commensalism p.698 community p.686 consumer p. 697 ecology p. 685 ecosystem p. 685 habitat p. 687

limiting factor p. 690 mutualism p.698 niche p. 699 parasitism p. 698 population p. 686 producer p. 696 symbiosis p.698

Explain the difference between the vocabulary words in each of the following sets.

1. niche—habitat

2. mutualism—commensalism

3. limiting factor—carrying capacity

4. biosphere—ecosystem

5. producer—consumer

6. population—ecosystem

7. community—population

8. parasitism—symbiosis

9. ecosystem—ecology

10. parasitism—commensalism ecking Concepts

Choose the word or phrase that best answers the question.

11. Which of the following is a living factor in the environment?

A) animals C) sunlight

12. What is made up of all the populations in an area?

A) niches C) community

B) habitats D) ecosystem

13. What does the number of individuals in a population that occupies an area of a specific size describe?

A) clumping C) spacing

B) size D) density

14. Which of the following animals is an example of an herbivore?

B) moss D) rabbit

15. What term best describes a symbiotic relationship in which one species is helped and the other is harmed?

A) mutualism C) commensalism

B) parasitism D) consumerism

16. Which of the following conditions tends to increase the size of a population?

A) births exceed deaths

B) population size exceeds the carrying capacity

C) movements out of an area exceed movements into the area

D) severe drought

17. Which of the following is most likely to be a limiting factor in a population of fish living in the shallow water of a large lake?

A) sunlight C) food

18. In which of the following categories does the pictured organism belong?

A) herbivore

B) carnivore

C) producer

D) consumer

19. Which pair of words is incorrect?

A) black bear—carnivore

B) grasshopper—herbivore

C) pig—omnivore

D) lion—carnivore


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