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1 Resources

2 Pollution

Lab The Greenhouse Effect

3 The Three Rs of


Lab Solar Cooking

Virtual Lab When is water safe to drink?

Resources Fuel Our Lives

Resources, such as clean water and air, are commonly taken for granted. We depend on water and air to survive. Fossil fuels are another type of resource, and we depend on them for energy. However, fossil fuels can pollute our air and water.

Science Journal List some other resources that we depend on and describe how we use them.

Start-Up Activities

What happens when topsoil is left unprotected?

Plants grow in the top, nutrient-rich layer, called topsoil. Plants help keep topsoil in place by protecting it from wind and rain. Try the following experiment to find out what happens when topsoil is left unprotected. -v^"

1. Use a mixture of moist sand and potting soil to create a miniature landscape in a plastic basin or aluminum-foil baking pan. Form hills and valleys in your landscape.

2. Use clumps of moss to cover areas of your landscape. Leave some sloping portions without plant cover.

3. Simulate a rainstorm over your landscape by spraying water on it from a spray bottle or by pouring a slow stream of water on it from a beaker.

4. Think Critically In your Science Journal, record your observations and describe what happened to the land that was not protected by plant cover.


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Resources Make the following Foldable to help you organize information and diagram ideas about renewable and nonrenewable resources.

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