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1 Biodiversity

Lab Oily Birds

2 Conservation Biology

Lab Biodiversity and the Health of a Plant Community


Igf Virtual Lab How do introduced species impact the environment?

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Jeffrey Green berg/Photo Researchers

Start-Up Activities lABj

Recognize Environmental Differences

Do human actions affect the number of species present in an ecosystem? What happens to organisms that are pushed out of an area when the environment changes?

1. Using string or tape, mark off a 1-m X 1-m area of lawn, sports field, or sidewalk.

2. Count and record the different species of plants and animals present in the sample area. Don't forget to include insects or birds that fly over the area, or organisms found by gently probing into the soil.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 in a partially wooded area, in a weedy area, or at the edge of a pond or stream.

4. Think Critically Make notes about your observations in your Science Journal. What kinds of human actions could have affected the environment of each sample area?

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