The Greenhouse Effect

You can create models of Earth with and without heat-reflecting green-house gases. Then, experiment with the models to observe the greenhouse effect.

& Real-World Question-

How does the greenhouse effect influence temperatures on Earth?


■ Observe the greenhouse effect.

■ Describe the effect that a heat source has on an environment.


1-L clear-plastic, soft-drink bottles with tops cut off and labels removed (2) thermometers (2) *temperature probe potting soil masking tape plastic wrap rubber band lamp with 100-W lightbulb watch or clock with second hand

*Alternate materials

Safety Precautions


1. Copy the data table and use it to record your temperature measurements.

2. Put an equal volume of potting soil in the bottom of each container.

3. Use masking tape to attach a thermometer to the inside of each container. Place each thermometer at the same height above the soil. Shield each thermometer bulb by putting a double layer of masking tape over it.

Changes in Temperature

Time (min)

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