22. What term is used for the diagram above? Explain how the diagram represents energy transfer.

23. Explain how the grass and bear populations would be affected if the marmot population suddenly declined.

24. Compare and contrast an energy pyramid and a food web.

25. What happens to the energy in organisms at the top of an energy pyramid when they die?

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How Ecosystems Change

2 Biomes

Lab Studying a Land Ecosystem

3 Aquatic Ecosystems

Lab Exploring Wetlands

Virtual Lab What are the different types of land environments?

The Benefits of Wildfires

Ecosystems are places where organisms, including humans, interact with each other and with their physical environment. In some ecosystems, wildfires are an essential part of the physical environment. Organisms in these ecosystems are well adapted to the changes that fire brings, and can benefit from wildfires.

Science Journal What traits might plants on this burning Montana hillside have that enable them to survive?

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