We are indebted to the many colleagues with whom we have discussed topics of interest. These include Frans Vera, colleagues at Forest Research, Alice Holt, Farnham and many others including Hakan Hytteborn and Roland Moberg who introduced JRP to Scandinavian forests. We are grateful also to the late Arthur Willis, who read the whole draft, and to many who helped with discussion and the provision of information and diagrams including Ena Adam, Martyn Ainsworth, Ian Baillie, Posy Busby, John Campbell, Eleanor Cohn, Bill Currie, Ed Faison, Geoff Hilton, Jonathan Humphrey, Jim Karagatzides, Keith Kirby, Andy Lawrence, Pat Morris, Brooks Mathewson, Robert McDonald, Tony Polwart, Jack Putz, Glenn Motzkin, Tim Sparks, Brian Stocks, Robin Stuttard, Sarah Taylor, Jill Thompson, Ian Trueman and Ruth Yanai. Alan Crowden at Cambridge University Press is thanked for his constant encouragement as is David Harding for contributions to Chapters 2, 5 and 7, as well as his long continued friendship and co-operation from long before the publication of Packham and Harding (1982). Peter Hobson produced elegant drawings, comments on the draft and information regarding African forests; Nick Musgrove provided long continued assistance with data acquisition and computing; Malcolm Inman and Richard Homfrey also gave expert help. PAT gratefully acknowledges that much of his contribution to this book was written while a Bullard Fellow at Harvard Forest, Massachusetts; David Foster and his staff are thanked for their help and encouragement. We are both particularly grateful to Peter Alma for his initial suggestions regarding the original plan of the book and for his comments on the final draft.

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