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. . . gum, the gum of the mountain spruce. He showed me lumps of the scented stuff Like uncut jewels, dull and rough.

-Robert Frost, "The Gum-Gatherer," from Mountain Interval, 1920

Page 1, Agathis australis, kauri; page 2, Boswellia, frankincense. All drawings by Jesse Markman, maps by Gulla Thordarsen and Jesse Markman.

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Langenheim, Jean H.

Plant resins : chemistry, evolution, ecology, and ethnobotany / Jean H. Langenheim. p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. ). ISBN 0-88192-574-8 1. Gums and resins. 2. Gums and resins—Utilization. I. Title SB289 .L36 2003 620.l'924—dc21

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