The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual

The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual

About the Manual

The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual is a comprehensive guide to easily breed crickets as live food. The book involves revolutionary techniques that have cut maintenance, eradicated offensive odor, and doubled production.

With this manual, you don't need active management; it is an automated system that will even collect waste for you and you only need 5 minutes of maintenance every week. The system also comes with food and water dispensers that will attend to your insects for 14 days or even more.

It is a productive system that it would take the average family to eat 4-12 bearded dragons depending on the insect feeding rate, just from their scrap vegetables.

The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual includes easy-to-follow instructions and steps that even children can build. Additionally, the materials needed to build the system are readily available from recycles or hardware.

About the Author

The Complete Cricket Breading Manual is product form WildlifeHub, founded by Glenn Kvassay, a passionate Biologist with over 13 years’ experience training, breeding and researching insects’ production systems.  Glenn focus is to improve the efficiency of the insect industry via extensive research, innovation, education, and partnerships.

How the System Works

With this manual, you can create two separate zones within a single container, unlike conventional techniques that require up to 6 separate containers. The zones, one high humidity area ideal for breading the insects, while a lower humidity area for housing and food and water.

There is also a unique detritus collection system which collects the waste and prevents contamination of breeding substrate and food areas.

Building the system this way, it makes it easier to clean, and also eliminate bad odors and disease, increasing egg viability and increase production of the insects.

The system comes with water and food dispensers that will do all the feeding for you, even when you far away on holidays. Unlike other cricket breeding systems that require constant attention, this manages itself.

This manual sets the benchmark for cricket breeding and includes more than 164 pages and 240 color photos that cover every aspect of commercial and private cricket production in detail. That is more than twice the size of other manuals on the market. The team behind the book have done extensive researches and have overhauled every aspect of cricket breeding including container design, food, and water requirements, breeding heating, making food and water dispensers, maintenance and pest management, cleaning and grading and selling.

The Contents of the Manual

  • Food and water requirements

The first section of the manual covers 4 different food and water dispensers to choose from which covers small and large scale production.

It also includes 18 pages detailing how to build a food try, automated feeding and water dispensers, 7 different methods and tools to feed crickets to your animals quickly and easily, tables outlining the nutritional content of key food groups such as dog, cat and chicken layer dry foods, as well as details instructions and photos indicating how to build containers.

  • Breeding

This part talks about 2 breeding systems to choose from, 26 pages detailing advantages and disadvantages for different systems, and the essential management secrets that will ensure productive and consistent breeding.

  • Private and small scale commercial breeding

In this chapter, you will discover Zega substrate breeding system, a summary of the breeding method, how to make Zega substrate breeding, cleaning a substrate system and many more.

  • Batch Breeding system (large scale production)

You will learn how to make a batch system, a summary of the breeding method, food and water dispenser for a pinhead grow out container, management of a batch system, pests for a batch system, cleaning a batch and many more.

  • Container design and construction

This section covers 5 essential design considerations for an efficient container which is durable and saves time in maintenance. You will also earn how to maximize ventilation and air flow, easy access ports for feeding and removing crickets, detailed instructions, and photos showing how to build the container step by step.

  • Heating and storage

You will learn how to build tables that provide the different temperature thresholds to manage a cricket colony, advantages, and disadvantages of 4 different heating systems including free solar options. You will also discover the best methods for effective cricket production, how to estimate your heating costs, how to store breeding containers and the thermodynamic principles for efficient heat conservation.

  • Maintenance

You will be taught the 3 different cleaning systems that reduce maintenance to only a few minutes, devices to separate pinheads and larger crickets from detritus as well as food during maintenance.

  • Pest management

This part includes detailed information about managing all major pests, how to ingeniously design your container to prevent pests from entering, details on how to build ant exclusion devices and micro-fly traps to prevent infestations.

Pros and cons:


  • It is the only comprehensive cricket breeding guide on the market today
  • It includes instructions that are easy to understand and follow
  • Includes images to help you build a better breeding system


  • It is long
  • It doesn’t come in other forms such as audio


The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual is one of the best insect breeding guides on the market currently. The author and his team ensure they have left nothing out, it is the most comprehensive book for cricket production, whether you want to do it for fun or commercially, I strongly recommend that you use the guide of this book.

The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual
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