17 Molecular and genetic influences on the neural substrate of social cognition in humans 446

Louise Gallagher and David Skuse Profile Anonymous (and other) social experience and the evolution of cooperation by reciprocity 470

Michael Taborsky

18 Population density, social behaviour and sex allocation 474

Suzanne H. Alonzo and Ben C. Sheldon Profile Social theory based on natural selection 489

Robert Trivers

19 Social behaviour and speciation 491 Gerald S. Wilkinson and Leanna M. Birge

Profile Look to the ants Edward O. Wilson

20 Social behaviour in conservation Daniel T. Blumstein

Profile The handicap principle and social behaviour Amotz Zahavi

21 Prospects for research in social behaviour: systems biology meets behaviour

Allen J. Moore, Tamas Székely and Jan Komdeur

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