Profile Thehuddler'sdilemma: acold shoulder or a warm inner glow 107

David Haig

5 Recent advances in comparative methods 110

Robert P. Freckleton and Mark Pagel Profile Multi-component signals in ant communication 127

Bert Holldobler

6 Social evolution theory: a review of methods and approaches 132 Tom Wenseleers, Andy Gardner and

Kevin R. Foster Profile What's wrong with this picture? 159

Sarah B. Hrdy

Part II Themes

7 Aggression: towards an integration of gene, brain and behaviour 165

Robert Huber and Edward A. Kravitz Profile From behavioural observations, to genes, to evolution 181

Laurent Keller

8 Social influences oncommunication signals: from honesty to exploitation 185

Mark E. Hauber and Marlene Zuk Pro file Reputation can make the world go round - or why we are sometimes social 200 Manfred Milinski

9 Important topics in group living 203 Jens Krause and Graeme Ruxton

Profile A haphazard career 226

Ronald Noe

10 Sexual behaviour: conflict, cooperation and coevolution 230

Tommaso Pizzari and Russell Bonduriansky Profile In celebration of questions, past, present and future 267

Geoff A. Parker

11 Pair bonds and parental behaviour Lisa McGraw, Tamas Szekely and Larry J. Young

Profile Mating systems and genetic variation Marion Petrie

12 Adaptations and constraints in the evolution of delayed dispersal: implications for cooperation

Jan Komdeur and Jan Ekman

Profile Selections from a life in social selection David C. Queller

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