mm existing ones. The macrofauna, in contrast, have the ability to create their own spaces, through their burrowing activities, and like the megafauna, can have large influences on gross soil structure (Lee, 1985; Lavelle and Spain, 2001; van Vliet and Hendrix, 2003). Methods for studying these faunal groups are in large part size-dependent. Methods for studying the microfauna rely mainly upon techniques used for microbiology. Mesofauna require microscopic techniques for study and specialized extraction procedures for collection. The macrofauna may be sampled as field collections, often by hand sorting, and populations of individuals are usually measured.

There is, of course, considerable gradation in the classification based on body width. The smaller mesofauna exhibit characteristics of the microfauna, and so forth. Nevertheless, the classification continues to

Soil Microfauna Worm

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