Secondary Production Activities of Heterotrophic Organisms Microbes

Introduction 47

Compounds Being Decomposed 48 Microbial Activities in Relation to Catabolism in Soil Systems 48 Microbial Abundance and Distribution in Soil 53 Techniques for Measuring Microbial Communities 57 Direct Measures of Numbers and Biomass 57 Indirect Measures of Biomass 59 Chemical Methods 59

The Chloroform Fumigation and Incubation (CFI)

Technique 59 The Chloroform Fumigation and Extraction (CFE)

Technique 60 Physiological Methods: SIR Technique 61 Additional Physiological Methods of Measuring Microbial Activity 61

Enzyme Assays and Measures of Biological Activities in Soils 63

Direct Methods of Determining Soil Microbial Activity 66 Soil Sterilization and Partial Sterilization Techniques 67 Conceptual Models of Microbes in Soil Systems 67

Root-Rhizosphere Microbe Models and Experiments 67 Soil Aggregation Models 69 Models: Organism and Process-Oriented 74 Summary 77

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