Fecundity schedules

Static fecundity schedules, i.e. age-specific variations in fecundity within a particular season, can also provide usefUl information, especially if they are available from successive breeding seasons. We can see this for a population of great tits (Parus major) in Wytham Wood, near Oxford, UK (Table 4.4), where the data could be obtained only because the individual birds could be aged (in this case, because they had been marked with individually recognizable leg-rings soon after hatching). The table shows that mean fecundity rose to a peak in 2-year-old birds and declined gradually thereafter. Indeed, most iteroparous species show an age- or stage-related pattern of fecundity. For instance, Figure 4.12 shows the size-dependent fecundity of moose (Alces alces) in Sweden.

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