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Catalyst Stocks is a stock picking service geared toward day traders and short term investors. Through proprietary methods, they pick stocks that are about to make explosive moves. With the economy still recovering, stocks are more affordable to trade. This makes excellent trading opportunities for Catalyst Stocks Members. Any good news catalysts about a stock is now even better. These catalysts have very positive effects on stock prices during these times. Their stock alerts take full advantage of the current economy and market. Read more here...

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Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bonds service is a stock trading education site, a live day trading chat room site, and a subscription based stock alert service site. It really does break the mold of traditional websites that usually fit into one category only. Anytime you hear or read someones review of Jason Bond Picks and they call his service a subscription based alert service, its probably coming from someone who has never been a member of Jason Bond Picks and as a result, does not even know what his service really is. Another reason Jason Bond Picks is different from an ordinary subscription based alert service is that he provides a huge library of educational videos and webinars. In fact, calling Jason Bond Picks a subscription based alert service is wrong. His service is more of a stock trading education service with over 20 hours worth of video lessons and growing.

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Contents: Premium Membership
Creator: Jason Bond
Official Website:
Price: $297.00

The rise of elephant armies in Asia

With the rise of Chandragupta Maurya, the culture of capturing and training elephants, their veterinary care, their deployment in the army, and even the protection of wild elephants was firmly established. The Mauryan Empire, which controlled a vast territory over the subcontinent, was a formidable one by any standards. A highly centralized bureaucracy, with a role that was well defined, was needed to administer it, and a vast army, described as an economic liability in peacetime, was needed to secure its borders. Pliny the Elder, the famous Roman writer, cites a figure of 9,000 elephants in the Mauryan army, with a further estimate of at least 5,000 elephants held by other tribes in the subcontinent. We have no reason to disbelieve these figures entirely. The subcontinent held large stocks of wild elephants, and their overexploitation through an elaborately organized system of management was certainly possible. This would also have resulted in local extinctions of elephant...

Surprise Generating Mechanisms

Everyday intuition has generally been honed on systems whose behavior is stable with regard to small disturbances, for the obvious reason that unstable systems tend not to survive long enough for us to develop good intuitions about them. Nevertheless, the systems of both nature and humans often display pathologically sensitive behavior to small disturbances, as for example, when stock markets crash in response to seemingly minor economic news about interest rates, corporate mergers, or bank failures. Such behaviors occur often enough that they deserve a starring role in our taxonomy of surprise.

The Gaian effect of biodiversity

Since plants are basic to most terrestrial food webs, and are easier to experimentally manipulate than most animals, they are a useful group to think about. Consider some measure of the 'performance' of a plant community, such as total biomass. What is the effect of number of species on biomass One possible answer comes from economics, and is often known as the portfolio effect. The idea is that a cautious investor in a stock market is more likely to sleep soundly at night if they put their money into a portfolio of shares, rather than investing in shares from a single company. Statistically a portfolio investment will show less variance a lower chance of either very high profits or spectacular losses than an investment in a single company's shares. This is due to statistical averaging and is effectively an economic application of the idea of tradeoffs, investing in a portfolio trades off the chance of very high returns against a reduced probability of large losses. The idea is...

Prions in North America

While it is the fashion to blame Ottawa for the continuing perceptions of North American cattle and beef as tainted, the lack of surveillance in the United States impedes the clarification of the integrity of US stocks and thus only reinforces perceptions that the United States is hiding a greater problem. That in turn translates into continuing suspicions regarding the nature of US cattle stocks (and reinforces domestic fears about the food supply), and those suspicions undermine foreign confidence and lead to continuing impediments for the export of US beef exports to foreign markets such as Japan and South Korea. The inhibition of surveillance efforts by the US cattlemen's association (and its institutional vassal, the USDA) seems paradoxical and irrational, particularly if US beef stocks are in fact safe. Common sense would dictate that, in the context of a clean domestic stock, the various factions that benefit from beef exports would go out of their way to demonstrate the purity...

Ian Douglas and Nigel Lawson

Mining and urbanization involve the greatest transformations of the landscape through human activity. Mining may leave huge pits and waste heaps, while urban areas contain large stocks of materials brought in from other places. Minerals extraction is broadly divided into three basic methods open-pit or surface, underground and solution mining. Open workings are the dominant form of extraction of the main commodities mined or quarried coal and aggregates. Surface, or open-pit, mining requires rock, soil and vegetation removal to reach mineral deposits. The waste rock, or overburden, is piled near the mine. The workings have large energy requirements and produce emissions to the atmosphere and discharges to nearby water bodies. For any particular mine, these hidden flows are often greater in magnitude than the mass of mineral or ore extracted for processing.

The Present Management Structure

The work group made several findings. First, addressing the management questions required that a comprehensive technical analysis be made to understand the linkages between inputs of contaminants to the estuary and their ultimate fate in water, sediment, and biota. Second, since it was important to forecast future conditions in light of potential contaminant reductions, a mathematical modeling framework would have to be developed. Third, new data would have to be collected to quantify ambient contaminant concentrations and develop credible loading estimates for specific

The unique positioning of Durbans bulkwater supplier

(Emile Zola, Germinal) Umgeni Water's operations are financed mainly through the sale of potable water and to a far lesser extent, tariffs charged for the treatment of wastewater. In addition, capital is raised through the issue of stock on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). These stocks are consolidated into two highly successful gilt megabonds trading as UG50 and UG55 on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Umgeni Water occupies a vital position in the supply-chain of water to Durban. Whereas Swyngedouw (2004) makes reference to a process of local waters being transformed into global money, through processes of privatization around the world, this is occurring in Durban as Umgeni Water (ostensibly a parastatal entity) strives to ensure returns for bondholders on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Through peering into the dealings of Umgeni Water, we are able to chart something of a journey from the trickling taps of township residents to untouchable tabernacles hiding the crouching,...

Community Composition and Ecosystem Function

In contrast to the demonstrated influence of shredder diversity on leaf breakdown, fungal diversity apparently had no effect of leaf mass loss or fungal spore production (a measure of micro-bial production) in stream microcosms (Dang et al. 2005). This was true with oak and alder leaves, at high and low nutrient levels, and across a range of 1-8 fungal species. There was some suggestion of greater variability in fungal activity at low fungal diversity, consistent with a portfolio effect (the averaging and dampening out of the influence of extreme species as richness increases, just as a diverse stock portfolio is expected to guard against swings in a single stock's value). Although Barlocher and Corkum (2003) reported a positive effect of fungal diversity on leaf decomposition rates, their result is less convincing because those authors relied on initial inoculates rather than realized communities, which typically have greater unevenness.

The Economics Of Remanufacturing

Intuitively, remanufacturing is good for the environment. It gives a second life to materials, parts, components and the value added within. They would otherwise be landfilled or, in the best-case scenario, destroyed for the recovery of the materials through recycling. An important question remains is remanufacturing economically sound Ferrer (1997a) showed that remanufacturing can be a very profitable operation. Firms are often encouraged to offer environmentally friendly products (for example, remanufactured products) as part of being a good citizen. However, this is an unrealistic expectation since a rational firm will only engage in profitable ventures, those that increase shareholder wealth. Further, it may not be reasonable for every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to engage in reuse activities. The fastest growing firms in electronics and telecommunications may need all the available capital to invest in core activities as well as research and development. The stock...

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