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Chris Walker relied on his impressive understanding of Neuro-Endrocrine Sciences as well as his access to resources at Duke University to find a solution to his issue with low testosterone and to find life changing resources and information; He shares his solution in the Testshock: 100% Natural Testosterone Optimization Program. The newly redesigned book is fully updated with new bonuses, and the audio book is also all new and improved since Christopher has added two years of professional podcasting experience behind it; with his plan, Walker has successfully helped other males get their testosterone levels up very quickly. Testshock is a highly recommended program and comes recommended from the like of James Ellis, from the website, Kinobody's Greg O'Gallagher, and Rusty Moore, from; Mike Matthews, from, identifies Testshock as an overall vitality plan.

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Maximum Manhood Summary

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Single Gene Effects on Behavior

In another strain of laboratory mice, a single gene influencing synthesis of monoaminooxidase A (MAOA) in their brains could be suppressed by a one-gene mutant. These MAOA-deficient mice had a severely increased aggressive potential, but also several other physiological and behavioral deficits. The effect of MAOA is to facilitate the catabolism of both serotonin and noradrenalin, and the same defect could be found in male human beings, also with similar behavioral defects ofincreased antisocial behavior. Another mouse mutant lacking the gene for synthesis of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) also reacts with an extreme increase of aggression and sexual behavior in males - they are not reacting to submissive behavior of their counterpart, but they do not show any elevation of testosterone levels. None of these effects could be found in females, and no histological differences between wild type and mutant have been found so far.

Physiological and biochemical correlates of musth

Jainudeen and associates carried out the first detailed measurements of blood testosterone during the nonmusth and musth phases in captive Sri Lankan bull elephants. They found that bulls showing no signs of musth had testosterone levels of only about 0.2-1.4 ng ml in blood plasma. During the premusth phase, this rose to 4-14 ng ml, while bulls in full musth showed dramatically elevated levels of 30-65 ng ml of plasma testosterone. Within a week of coming out of musth, these values returned to the baseline values of nonmusth bulls. Similar investigations by Bets Rasmussen and colleagues on Asian bull elephants at the Washington Park Zoo in Portland showed testosterone levels of 20-40 ng ml during musth. A related hormone, dihydrotestosterone, which normally remained at about 0.2 ng ml during the nonmusth phase, also shot up to 1.5 ng ml when a bull was in heavy musth. Cheryl Niemuller and R. M. Liptrap extended these findings through weekly...

Hormone Effects

Dioxin, similar to several persistent organic pollutants, has been found to significantly affect estrogen- and testosterone-mediated processes. Some dioxin compounds have been shown to decrease the number of estrogen receptors in certain organs in female rats, possibly resulting in decreased fertility and increased incidence of tumors in these organs. In male rats, some compounds have been shown to reduce testosterone levels by preventing production of enzymes responsible for increasing testosterone synthesis when levels of the hormone get low. When administered prenatally to rats, lower sperm counts have been observed in male progeny and urogenital malformations have been observed in females.

Hormonal Issues

In contrast, gonadal hormones cannot be involved in triggering autumn migration because the gonads have regressed by then. In fact, free-living male Pied Flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca dosed with testosterone did not start migration after breeding, but remained in the breeding areas as long as testosterone levels remained high (Silverin 2003). The same was true of female Song Sparrows Melospiza melodia treated with oestradiol (Runfeldt & Wingfield 1985). In the latter species, untreated males that were paired with oestradiol-implanted females continued to show territorial behaviour and elevated testosterone levels well into autumn. Behavioural interactions between partners ensured that both remained in breeding condition for up to three months longer than control pairs in which neither partner was hormonally treated. While gonad removal in either sex suppresses hyperphagia and fattening in spring, it has no such effect in autumn (see also Rowan 1932, Lofts & Marshall 1960).

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