Fired Clay Products With Fossil Meal As Thermal Insulation

One part clay is mixed with15 parts fossil meal into a homogeneous mass. It is also possible to add 25% sawdust or pieces of cork before the mass is pressed into forms and fired atapprox1000 °C. Products are primarily loadbearing blocks and slabs. Blocks with sawdust or cork pieces are primarily used for insulation.

Light expanded clay pellets can be used as loose fill or cast with cement into blocks or other structural units, as well as in insulating earth blocks. They have a fairly good thermal insulation value. Loose expanded clay pellets can be used under the slab of a building as a capillary break.

Light expanded clay products have good structural properties, but they are poor moisture regulators because the pore structure is closed.

Blocks and prefabricated units are well suited for dismantling and re-use as long as they were originally fixed together with weak mortars or mechanical jointing. Loose expanded clay can also be re-used if they have been protected from roots, sand and earth. All expanded clay products are inert and can be recycled for use as insulating aggregate under roads, etc.

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