Reusable Brick Flooring

A brick floor can be laid without cement using all types of bricks or thick tiles (Figure 15.5). Even tiles produced from old bricks (see Figure 13.16) can be used. It is, however, important to choose a brick with a smooth surface.

A 3-5 cm-thicklayeroffinesandorrockflourisspreadonafirmbaseandthereafter dampened and lightly compressed. The bricks are knocked into place with a rubber hammer and sand is poured into the joints. A weak cementitious joint-filler can also be used, such as hydraulic lime.The floor is then sprinkled with linseed oil, and this treatment is repeated twice at intervals of one week. After each treatment surplus oil must be wiped of. The linseed oil binds the sand in the joints and makes the brick surface easy to clean. It is also possible to treatjust the joints with linseed oil, and treat the bricks with a soft soap.

Re-usable brick flooring can be used in most houses, and is especially appropriate where there is underfloor heating so that this is easily accessible for repair or modification.

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