The Sustainable Window

The modern sustainable window (Figure 16.4) is manufactured as a three-layered, coupled window, where the middle and best protected pane of glass is a low energy glass with a coating of metallic oxide. By having this in the middle there is less chance of dust settling on the film, which would reduce the effective saving of energy.

The outer glass is held in place with linseed oil putty and the two inner panes are fixed on strips of untreated wool.The outside layer of the window is the part mostdirectly exposed to the outdoor climate including burning sun and driving rain. The outside frame in a sustainable window is therefore designed so that it can be easily replaced, and the casement has smaller panes of glass in case of breakage.The sill is madefrom mature oak or pine heartwood. During the summer, the two inner window frames can be removed to improve the transparency of light to the interior. The window is fixed to the building structure with screws.

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