A. Physicochemical Properties of Common Pollutants

B. Biodegradability of Common Pollutants

C. Toxicological Properties of Common Pollutants

D. Standards for Exposure to Common Toxic Pollutants

E. Ambient Air Quality Standards

F. Unit Conversions and Physical Constants

G. The Elements

H. Periodic Table of the Elements

Environmental Biology for Engineers and Scientists, by David A. Vaccari, Peter F. Strom, and James E. Alleman Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

APPENDIX A Physicochemical Properties of Common Pollutants

Also see Table 21.6 for properties of additional pesticides and Table 21.8 for additional PAHs.

Henry's Constant

Water Solubility^ Vapor Pressure at 298.15 Kb Log KoWrf Fish BCFc

Empirical Molecular

Chemical Name CASRN" Formula'' Weight'' mg/L °C mm Hg °C Ref. (-) Ref. L/kg

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