Adsorption Equipment

The major industrial applications for adsorption processes have both environmental and economic objectives. The abatement of air pollution includes removing noxious and odorous components. Additionally, adsorption is used for the recovery of solvents and reagents, such as carbon disulfide, acetone, alcohol, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and other valuable materials, from effluent streams (Kast 1981).

Typically, a process in which the adsorbate is recovered uses temperature swing adsorption (TSA), pressure swing adsorption (PSA), or continuous or periodic removal of the adsorbent from the system (Kast 1981). The TSA and PSA technologies are normally used only for the removal of high concentrations of adsorbate. For the majority of environmental applications, small concentrations must be removed from air, and continuous or periodic removal technologies are more appropriate.

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