Advantages and Limitations

Air stripping is a proven technology for treating water contaminated with volatile and semivolatile organic compounds. Removal efficiencies of greater than 98% for volatile organics and greater than or equal to 80% for semivolatile compounds have been achieved. Recent developments in this technology include high temperature air stripping and air rotary stripping to increase removal efficiencies (Bass and Sylvia 1992). The use of diffused air or bubble aeration air strippers for flows less than 50 gpm have also increased during the last five years.

The air stripping technology, however, is not effective in treating low volatility compounds, metals, or inorganics. Air emissions of volatile organics from the air stripper may need a separate treatment. In addition, the removal efficiency of air strippers is reduced for aqueous solutions with high levels of suspended solids, iron, manganese, or microbial population. Periodic cleaning of the packing material removes the deposits of these products.

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