Analyzing Air Emissions

The technologies for sampling air are many and varied. The choice of the air sampling and analysis method de-


2 in min

Sampling Ports

A. 2 ports, 90° apart with diameter less than 10 ft + port length 4 ports, 90° apart with diameter over 10 ft + port length


At least two stack diameters above stack exit


Clearance Zone

Power Source

115-V, 15-A, single phase, 60-Hz AC located on platform

Port Dimension Requirements

At least eight stack diameters below last obstruction

Work area clearance

Work Platform

A. At least 3 ft wide (4 ft wide for stacks with 10 ft or greater I.D.) and capable of supporting three people and 200 lb of test equipment

B. Safe guardrail on platform with access by safe ladder or other suitable means. If ladder is used, ladder well must be located at least 3 ft from ports

C. No obstructions within 3 ft horizontal radius on platform beneath ports

8 in max unless gate valve installed

3 in I.D. (minimum) industrial flange capped when not in use Install gate valve if stack contains dangerous gases or gases over 200°F under positive pressure

Strength Requirements 50 lb side load 50 lb radial tension load 200 lb vertical shear load 750 ft—lb moment At least one stack diameter plus 3 ft from stack circumference

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