V = filtrate volume

T = time (measured from the beginning of test) A = filter leaf area

AP = pressure differential, maintained constant across the leaf

FIG. 7.47.8 Preferred leaf test arrangement.

K1 = resistance coefficient of the filter cake K2 = resistance of the filter membrane

When the filtrate volume collected at uniform time intervals is read and the values of (AT/AV) are calculated, Equation 7.47(1) can be rewritten as follows:

Plotting the left side of Equation 7.47(2) versus V gives a straight line of a slope K1 and an intercept K2.

The following equation calculates the specific cake resistance for batch filtration:


a = specific resistance of the cake (to be calculated) f = viscosity of the filtrate (from liquid properties) W = mass of dry solids/volume of slurry (from drying procedure)

Equation 7.47(3) neglects the filtrate content of the filter cake and calculates the value of a for the cake from A, [, W, and K1.

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