Assuring Performance

Key control parameters used to trigger fail-safe controls are presented in Table 11.14.5. The parameters are divided into three groups:

Group A parameters are continuously monitored and interlocked to the automatic waste feed cutoff. Group B parameters are set to ensure that worst-case conditions demonstrated in the trial run are not exceeded during continuous operation. They are not linked with the automatic waste cutoff. Group C parameters are based on equipment manufacturers' design and operating specifications. They are set independently of trial-run results and are not linked with automatic waste feed cutoff.

No individual real-time monitoring performance indicators appear to correlate with actual organic DRE. No correlation between indicator emissions of CO or HC and DRE has been demonstrated in field-scale incinerator operations, although CO is a conservative indicator of organic emissions. It may be that combinations with other potential real-time indicators, such as surrogate destruction, may be desirable.

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