Badger Loloss Flow Tube

FIG. 7.6.14 Proprietary flow tubes.

nozzles, it is over 1 million. Correction factors are available for Reynolds numbers below these limits, and measurement performance also suffers.

Cavitation can also be a problem. At high flow velocities (corresponding to the required high Reynolds numbers) at the vena-contracta, static pressure is low, and when it drops below the vapor pressure of the flowing fluid, cav-itation occurs. Cavitation destroys the throat section of the tube since no material can stand up to cavitation. Possible ways of eliminating cavitation include relocating the meter to a point in the process where the pressure is higher and the temperature is lower, reducing the pressure drop across the sensor, or replacing the sensor with one that has less pressure recovery.

Due to their construction, venturis, flow tubes, and flow nozzles are difficult to inspect. Providing an inspection port on the outlet cone near the throat section can solve this problem. An inspection port is important when dirty (erosive) gases, slurries, or corrosive fluids are metered. On dirty services where the pressure ports are likely to plug, the pressure taps on the flow tube can be filled with chemical seals that have stainless steel diaphragms installed flush with the tube interior.

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