FIG. 7.17.8 Influent and effluent structures for circular clarifiers. (Reprinted, with permission, from Envirex Inc., a Rexnord Company)

ferent openings. Figure 7.17.7 shows some typical designs that compromise between simplicity and function.

Based on inlet structures, circular clarifiers are classified as center- and peripheral-feed. In center-feed, circular clarifiers, the inlet is at the center, and the outlet is along the periphery. A concentric baffle distributes the flow equally in radial directions. The advantages of center-feed clarifiers are low upkeep cost and ease of design and construction. The disadvantages include short-circuiting, low detention efficiency, lack of scum control, and loss of sludge into the effluent. Part A in Figure 7.17.8 shows the flow scheme of a center-feed, circular clarifier.

In peripheral-feed clarifiers, the flow enters along the periphery. These clarifiers are considerably more efficient and have less short-circuiting than center-feed clarifiers. Peripheral-feed clarifiers have two major variations. These variations are shown in parts B and C in Figure 7.17.8.

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