Cable Isolator

Spring Mounts

Fiberglass Mounts and Pads

Spring Mounts

Fiberglass Mounts and Pads

Neoprene Mounts and Pads

7F7777/7)7/?77j umMm

Hangers Located at the Ceiling

(Preferred Method)

Clevis Type Hanger

Hangers Located in the Rods

Mounted Unit

Rigid Support

Rigid Support

X^T Mounted Unit

FIG. 6.7.6 Various types of vibration isolators.

FIG. 6.7.7 Isolation of machinery vibration.

Absorptive silencer. This silencer is the most common type and takes the form of a duct lined on the interior with a sound-absorptive material.

Reactive expansion chamber. This type reflects sound energy back toward the source to cancel some of the oncoming sound energy.



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