Insecticides Insecticides

Solvents, pharmaceuticals and detergents


Herbicides, waste incineration Electronics, hydraulic fluid, fluorescent lights

Paint, gasoline

Zinc, batteries, fertilizer

Cancer; damage to liver, embryos, bird eggs Cancer, embryo damage

Headaches, nausea, loss of muscle coordination, leukemia, damage to bone marrow Lung and liver cancer, depression of central nervous system, suspected embryotoxin

Cancer, birth defects, skin disease Skin damage, possible gastro-intestinal damage, possibly cancer-causing

Neurotoxic; causes headaches, irritability, mental impairment in children; brain, liver, and kidney damage Cancer in animals, damage to liver and kidneys

Source: World Resources Institute and International Institute for Environment and Development, 1987; World Resources 1987, (New York, N.Y.: Basic Books, pp. 205-06.

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