Centrifugal Pumps

This classification is the most common type of pump, including radial-flow centrifugals and axial- and mixed-flow centrifugals. In the form of tall, slender, deep-well submersibles, they pump clear water from depths greater than 2000 ft. Horizontal centrifugals with volutes almost the size of a man can pump 9000 gpm of raw sewage through municipal treatment plants. Few applications are beyond their range, including flow rates of 1 to 100,000 gpm and process fluids from clear water to the densest sludge.

Radial-Flow Centrifugals

Radial-flow pumps throw the liquid entering the center of the impeller or diffuser out into a spiral volute or bowl. The impellers can be closed, semiopen, or open depending on the application (see Figure 7.12.2). Closed impellers have higher efficiencies and are more popular than the other two types. They can be readily designed with non-

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