Cleaning Inside Collectors

The factors responsible for cake removal in inside collectors have received little attention. Cake rupture due to fabric flexing is the primary cleaning mechanism. The other main mechanism is the normal stress to the cake from reverse pressurization.

Shaker filters use a motor and an eccentric cam to produce the cleaning action. Cleaning depends on factors such as bag shape and support, rigidity, bag tension, shaker frequency, and shaker amplitude. The following equation gives the acceleration a developed by the shaker arm:


f = the frequency of shaking L = the amplitude of the sinusoidal motion

Modeling the transfer of motion to the bags is analogous to a vibrating string, whereby a wave travels down the bag and is reflected from its end. If the reflected wave reaches the arm at the same time that the next wave is produced, resonance occurs; this time is when the transfer of cleaning energy to the bag is optimum.

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