The CMA started its Responsible Care Program in 1988 to improve the chemical industry's management of chemicals. All CMA members are required to participate and adhere to the ten guiding principles of the program. The principles speak of protecting health, safety, and the environment but do not address pollution prevention specifically. The program outlines the framework for the reduction of waste and releases to the environment (see Section 3.2). To evaluate progress, the CMA requires its companies to submit an annual report that identifies progress in implementation and quantifies facility-specific releases and wastes (CMA 1990).

The program is being implemented in all parts by CMA's 175 member companies. These companies have about 2000 facilities and produce about 90% of the U.S. chemicals. In May 1993, the Synthetic Organic Manufacturing Association (COMA) voted to become a Responsible Care partner association.

American Petroleum Institute (API)

The API also has a prescribed set of guiding environmental principles its members are encouraged to follow. The API's eleven principles generically promote action to protect health, safety, and the environment. One of the API's principles addresses pollution prevention by requiring its members to reduce overall emissions and waste generation (Chevron Corporation 1990). The API articulates the eleven principles as goals to which members should aspire.

National Paints and Coating Association (NPCA)

The NCPA has their Paint Pollution Prevention Program (April 1990). The goal of the program is "the promotion of pollution prevention in our environment through effective material utilization, toxics use, and emissions reduction and product stewardship in the paint industry" (NPCA 1990). The statement recommends that each NCPA member company establishes a waste reduction program that includes setting priorities, goals, and plans for waste reduction with preference first to source reduction, second to recycling and reuse, and third to treatment.

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