Continuousfeed Incinerator

Temperature Recorders

Furnace temperature at furnace sidewall near outlet, range 38 to 1250°C

Stoker compartment temperature, range 38 to 1250°C Dust collector inlet temperature, range 38 to 500°C

Temperature Controllers

Furnace outlet temperature controlled by regulating total air from forced draft fan; set point in 800 to 1000°C range Dust collector inlet temperature controlled by regulating water spray into flue gas; set point in 300 to 400°C range

Draft Gauges

Forced-draft-fan outlet duct Induced-draft-fan inlet duct Furnace outlet Stoker compartments Differential gauge across dust collector

Draft Controller

Furnace draft control by regulating damper opening

Oxygen Analyzer

Furnace outlet treating the water to remove soluble toxic materials. The system has been used in Europe, particularly in incinerators with wet scrubbers (Clark, Kadt, and Saphire 1991).

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