Control Equipment

If waste reduction is not possible, either by process or material change, waste particulate material must be removed from the process air stream. Selecting the type of control equipment depends largely on the characteristics of the particulate material to be removed. Factors such as the physical form of the particulates (whether solid or liquid), particle size and size distribution, density and porosity of the particulates, and particle shape (spheres, fibers, or plates) affect particle behavior.

Control equipment can be divided into three broad classes: gravitational and inertial collectors, electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), and filters. Included in the category of gravitational and inertial collectors are wet and dry scrubbers, gravity settling chambers, and cyclone collectors. ESPs include both single and two-stage units. Finally, filters encompass a variety of media ranging from woven and nonwoven fabric, fiber, and paper media. In addition to media, filters are often classified according to the method of cleaning.

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