Dairy Wastes

Among waste generating operations in the dairy industry are receiving stations, bottling plants, creameries, ice cream plants, cheese plants, and condensed and dried milk prod uct plants. Wastes include separated milk, buttermilk, or whey, as well as occasional batches of sour milk. Diverse methods are being explored for reclamation and concentration of materials, such as reverse osmosis for whey. Unfortunately, there is no simple economical method to reclaim and utilize these materials as byproducts. Indiscriminate dumping of these materials into sewers should be avoided, and where possible these extremely strong wastes should be treated separately or eliminated by hauling.

Milk wastes are normally treated in municipal plants, since most dairies are located in communities. The wastes are amenable to biological treatment, and screening is commonly provided; grit removal is sometimes necessary, as well.

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