Decreased Consumption

Seldom-used items, like certain power tools and party goods, often collect dust and rust, take up valuable storage space, and ultimately end up in the trash. Renting or borrowing these items reduces consumption and waste. Infrequently used items can be shared among neighbors, friends, or family. Borrowing, renting, and sharing items save both money and natural resources.

Other ways to decrease consumption follow.

Renting or borrowing tools such as ladders, chain saws, floor buffers, rug cleaners, and garden tillers. In apartment buildings or co-ops, residents can pool resources and form banks to share tools and other equipment used infrequently. In addition, some communities have tool libraries, where residents can borrow equipment as needed.

Renting or borrowing seldom-used audiovisual equipment Renting or borrowing party decorations and supplies such as tables, chairs, centerpieces, linens, dishes, and silverware

Sharing newspapers and magazines with others to extend the lives of these items and reduce the generation of waste paper

Before old tools, camera equipment, or other goods are discarded, asking friends, relatives, neighbors, or community groups if they can use them

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