Developing A Treatment Strategy

In-plant treatments are a set of cost-effective onsite unit operations and processes installed in an industrial facility to remedy the production or discharge of hazardous or conventional waste to the environment. These remedial techniques consist of preliminary and primary process equipment, instrumentation, and control units related to the industry type and wastewater characteristics.

Factors affecting unit process selection are influent water characteristics, effluent quality required, reliability, sludge handling, and costs. Figure 7.5.1 shows the pro-

Feasible and Cost-Effective?

*Preliminary assessment of feasibility and cost for a technology can be performed after a thorough review of publications and discussions with equipment vendors about capital and operating costs for the technology. This assessment can reduce potential options before the preliminary design phase.

FIG. 7.5.1 Developing a wastewater treatment strategy. (Reprinted, with permission, from L.A. McLaughlin, H.S. McLaughlin, and K.A. Groff, 1992, Develop an effective wastewater treatment strategy, Chem. Eng. Prog. [September].)

posed strategy for wastewater management at a manufacturing complex.

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