Disposal Of Screenings

Disposal methods include burial, incineration, digestion, and grinding. Open-area disposal is prohibited. Most smaller plants dispose their screenings by burial. Each day they add a cover of approximately 6 in over buried screenings to prevent fly and odor problems.

Large plants often use incinerators to dispose screenings alone or mixed with dewatered sludge. Dewatering the screenings with presses is usually recommended. The heating value of screenings is between 5000 and 8000 Btu per pound of dry solids.

Several smaller treatment plants have made unsuccessful attempts to burn screenings with sewage sludge. The digestion of screenings, separately or combined with sewage sludge, is also a satisfactory disposal method. Screening grinders are beneficial for medium-size plants. Reduced-size solids are returned to raw sewage or mixed with sewage sludge depending on grinder location related to the treatment units.

Hammer-Mill-Type Screening Grinder

These screening grinders use swing hammers. Organic solids are ground to a pulp and returned by a water spray into the waste stream. Power requirements are higher than with other designs.

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