Dumping Samples

On landfills, the sorting containers are dumped near the sorting area for removal or in-place burial by facility personnel. In transfer stations and waste-to-energy facilities, the containers can be dumped on the edge of the tipping floor.

When the sorting area is separated from the disposal area, use of the sampling vehicle for disposal is difficult. Loads of waste that should be sampled can be missed, and sorting delays occur because the sampling vehicle is not available for dumping full containers from the previous sample. A better procedure is to dump the sorted waste in a rolloff container provided by the disposal facility. Facility personnel transport the rolloff container to the disposal area approximately once per day. The density of sorted waste is often as low as 150 lb/cu yd, so the rolloff tends to be filled more rapidly than expected. To facilitate dumping sorted waste over the sides, the rolloff container should not be larger than 20 cu yd (15.3 cu m).

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