Energy Star Computers Program

The EPA's Energy Star Computers Program is a voluntary, market-based partnership with computer manufacturers to promote energy-efficient personal computers in an effort to reduce the air pollution caused by the generation of electricity. Office equipment is the fastest growing electrical load in the commercial sector. Computer systems alone account for approximately 5% of the commercial electricity consumption—a figure which could reach 10% by the year 2000. Dramatic, cost-effective, efficiency improvements are available for both hardware power consumption and the control of operation hours, offering up to 90% energy savings for many computer applications.

To date eight computer manufacturers—Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Digital, Compaq, NCR, Smith Corona, and Zenith Data Systems—have signed partnership agreements with the EPA to participate in the program. By the year 2000, the EPA's Energy Star Computers Program and other campaigns to promote energy-efficient computer equipment will probably save 25 billion kWh of electricity annually—down from an estimated consumption of 70 billion kWh per year. These savings will reduce CO emissions by 20 million metric tn, SO emissions by 140,000 metric tn, and NO emissions by 75,000 metric tn.

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