Flash Distillation Systems

Multistage flash evaporation systems have been used commercially in desalination for many years. Conceptual designs for 1000-mgd plants are based on the flash principle. In the multistage flash process (see Figure 7.37.1), after the influent water has the SS removed and is deaerated, it is pumped through heat transfer units in several stages of

FIG. 7.37.1 Multistage flash process.

the distillation system. Evaporating influent water condenses on the outside of the tubes. The concentrated waste water cascades from one stage to the next as a result of the pressure differential maintained. In each stage, the flashed water condenses on the tubes and is collected in trays (see Figure 7.37.1). When the concentrated waste-water reaches the lowest pressure stage, it is pumped out.

From a thermodynamic point of view, multistage flash is less efficient than ordinary evaporation. On the other hand, it has the advantage of many stages combined into a single unit, resulting in less expensive construction and the elimination of external piping. The largest flash units have a performance ratio (lb water produced per lb steam used) of 20.

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