Flash Drying Versus Other Processes

The multiple hearth process cannot dry sludge without incinerating it. This process is the main competitor to the flash-dryer system and dominates it in use. The fluidized-bed unit is essentially a high-temperature furnace with hot sand fluidized by air jets. Sludge enters the top of the chamber and falls into the hot bed and combusts during the violent mixing of sludge and hot sand. The use of this process is increasing over the flash-dried system although it does

FIG. 7.50.9 Sludge drying and incineration using a deodorized flash-drying process.

not have the flexibility of either drying or incinerating the sludge.

Composting sewage sludge is an innovation because no commercial installations exist in which sewage solids are composted alone. The process has potential both ecologically and economically but requires using shredded municipal refuse. When sludge is composted alone, without shredded refuse, successful treatment requires recycling the drier, already composted, sewage solids with the raw, wetter, dewatered solids, such as occurs in the second step of the flash-drying method. This recycling produces a drier, more porous sludge, which is necessary for good composting.

Although flash drying of sewage sludge is not common due to its previous odor and air pollution problems (which have since been corrected), it has the advantage of complete flexibility in incinerating or drying the sludge at a reasonable price. Thus, a sewage plant using this process can be flexible with one piece of equipment and dry only the amount of sludge that the market demands and incinerate the rest.

Figure 7.50.9 shows the operation of a flash-dryer incinerator system. Flash dryers are also used in the paper industry and to dry sewage sludge.

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