Gas Production

15 ft3 per lb VSS destroyed or 1 ft3 per capita per day DIGESTER GAS HEATING VALUE

640 to 700 Btu/ft3 DIGESTER HEAT LOSS

1.3 to 2.6 Btu/hr/ft3 as a function of geographic location

Solids removed from wastewater by treatment plants and those accumulating from the conversion of degradable organic compounds to microbial mass contain substantial amounts of biologically degradable matter. Wastewater treatment facilities frequently use anaerobic digestion to reduce this organic material to carbon dioxide, methane, and other inert end products. In addition to the stabilization of degradable organic matter, anaerobic digestion also substantially decreases the weight of solids that require subsequent processing or disposal. In addition, anaerobic digestion produces a combustible gas that can be used for heating and incineration.

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