General Contaminant Groups For Soil And Sludges


Contaminant Groups Soil/Sludge


Halogenated volatiles □

Nonhalogenated volatiles □

Halogenated semivolatiles ■ Nonhalogenated semivolatiles and nonvolatiles ■


Pesticides ▼

Dioxins/Furans ▼

Organic cyanides ▼

Organic corrosives ▼


Volatile metals ■

Nonvolatile metals ■

Radioactive materials ■

Inorganic corrosives ■

Inorganic cyanides ■


Oxidizers ■ Reducers

KEY: ■ Demonstrated Effectiveness: Successful treatability test at some scale completed.

▼ Potential Effectiveness: Expert opinion that technology will work.

□ No Expected Effectiveness: Expert opinion that technology will/does not work.

Source: Reprinted, from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1993, Engineering bulletin: solidification/stabilization of organics and inorganics, (EPA 540-5-92-015. Office of Research and Development, Cincinnati, Oh.

ides or carbonate salts. Metal ions may also be taken up into the cement matrix.

Additives such as clay, vermiculite, and soluble silicate improve the physical characteristics and decrease leaching losses from the resulting solidified sludge. Many additives are proprietary.

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