About 13 million tons of glass are disposed of in the United States every year, representing more than 7% of the total MSW that is generated. But only about 12% of the total glass production is recycled. In comparison, Japan recycles about 50%.

Salvaged glass has been used in bricks and paving mixtures. "Glasphalt" can be made from a mixture of glass and asphalt or a mix of 20% ground glass, 10% blow sand, 30% gravel, and 40% limestone. In spite of all these other uses, the main purchasers of crushed glass are the glass companies themselves. The use of recycled crushed glass reduces both the energy cost and the pollutant emissions associated with glass making. Crushed glass is easily saleable, with a market almost as good as that for aluminum. Manufacturers use from 20% to as much as 80% of salvaged glass in their glass-making processes.

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