Green Lights Program

The Green Lights Program, launched by the EPA in January 1991, is designed to prevent pollution by encouraging the use of energy-efficient lighting in offices, stores, factories, and other facilities across the country. Lighting consumes about 25% of the nation's electricity, and more than half of the electricity used for lighting is wasted by inefficient technology and design practices. Under the Green Lights Program, the EPA has asked businesses, governments, and other institutions to install energy-efficient lighting over a five-year period, but only where it is profitable and lighting quality is maintained or improved.

Over 600 companies have made voluntary commitments to participate in this program, representing 2.5 billion sq ft of business space. Given the commitments of current participants, over the next five years, they will reduce their electric bills by an estimated $760 million. In addition, the program will prevent the generation of 7.4 million tn of CO, 59,500 tn of SO, and 25,300 tn of NO emissions.

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