Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution

Principles of Groundwater Flow

9.1 Groundwater and Aquifers

9.2 Fundamental Equations of Groundwater Flow

9.3 Confined Aquifers

9.4 Unconfined Aquifers

9.5 Combined Confined and Unconfined Flow

Hydraulics of Wells

9.6 Two-Dimensional Problems

9.7 Nonsteady (Transient) Flow

9.8 Determining Aquifer Characteristics

9.9 Design Considerations

9.10 Interface Flow

Principles of Groundwater Contamination

9.11 Causes and Sources of Contamination

9.12 Fate of Contaminants in Groundwater

9.13 Transport of Contaminants in Groundwater

Groundwater Investigation and Monitoring

9.14 Initial Site Assessment

9.15 Subsurface Site Investigation

Groundwater Cleanup and Remediation

9.16 Soil Treatment Technologies

9.17 Pump-and-Treat Technologies

9.18 In Situ Treatment Technologies

Storm Water Pollutant Management

9.19 Integrated Storm Water Program

9.20 Nonpoint Source Pollution

9.21 Best Management Practices

9.22 Field Monitoring Programs

9.23 Discharge Treatment

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