Groundwater Standards

In Florida, any discharge into Class G-I and G-II ground-waters must comply with the water quality criteria of each classification and with minimum criteria. Discharges into Class G-III groundwaters must comply only with minimum criteria, and discharges into Class G-IV groundwa-ters must comply with minimum criteria only when the state regulatory agency determines a danger to public health, safety, or welfare.

Minimum criteria include all substances in concentrations that are harmful to plants, animals, or organisms native to the soil and responsible for treatment or stabilization of the discharge. The minimum criteria also include substances in concentrations that:

• Are carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, or toxic to humans

• Are acutely toxic to indigenous species of significance to the aquative community

• Pose a serious danger to public health, safety, or welfare

• Create or constitute a nuisance

• Impair the reasonable and beneficial use of adjacent waters

• Waters classified as Classes G-I and G-II must also meet the primary and secondary drinking water standards

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