Guideline Models

To promote consistency in applying models, the U.S. EPA has developed a document entitled Guideline on Air Quality Models (1978; 1986; 1987; 1993a; 1996). In this document, the EPA summarizes the performance of models in several comparative analyses and suggests the best applications of the model. As a result of the EPA's evaluations, those that perform well for a general set of conditions are classified as Appendix A models, and these models are listed in Table 5.8.4. Of the models listed, only the urban airshed model (UAM) and the emission and dispersion model (EDMS) are not Gaussian-based.

Models not classified as Appendix A but recognized as having potential application for a specific case can be used pending EPA approval. These models are designated as Appendix B models and are listed in Table 5.8.5. However, a performance demonstration may be required for an Appendix B model to demonstrate its suitability over a standard Appendix A model. This section addresses Appendix A models.

All Appendix A and B models and user's documentation are available from the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Technical Information Service (NTIS), in Springfield, Virginia 22161. In addition, model codes and selected abridged user's guides are available from the U.S. EPA's Support Center for Regulatory Air Models Bulletin Board System (SCRAM BBS), which can be accessed on the Internet (at

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