A bulk oil handling terminal stores and tranships petroleum products, petrochemicals, animal fats, greases and food grade vegetable oils. In addition they often accept and dispose of ballast wastewaters from marine tankers that deliver to the terminal or pick up cargo for transhipment. A biological treatment system is appropriate because of the wide range of physical and chemical characteristics of the various types of oils and petrochemicals; mechanical and/or chemical means of separation and neutralization are too expensive to install and operate.

The equipment used in the system includes (1) a collection system for the wastewater flow; (2) an API separator; (3) a high-rate oxidation pond (or "aerated lagoon") with a 150,000 gal capacity; (4) a secondary settling or "polishing pond" with a capacity of 450,000 gal; (5) a recirculation system; and (6) an 800,000 gal storage tank for ship ballast holding and for surge flow equalization.

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