Imhoff Tank Design

Surface loading of the settling zone should be 600 gpd per ft2 with detention times of 1As to 2 hr and velocities below 0.75 in per sec. The effective settling zone depth should be about 7 ft and its length can be from 25 to 50 ft. The gas-vent and scum area should be 20% of the total surface area. Total depths average around 30 ft (see Figure 7.20.4).

Septic tanks are suitable only for isolated facilities with low waste flows where the soil can be used as an absorption field. Their use should be avoided except when an alternative is not available and the site conditions are favorable.

The operation of Imhoff tanks is not complex. They are less efficient than settling basins and heated-sludge digestion tanks. The newer treatment methods offer more efficient alternatives to Imhoff tanks, but in small treatment units, they do provide efficient solids separation without mechanical or electrical equipment.

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